Unfortunately it is likely that domestic violence will increase during crisis such as Covid-19. It is important to know where to get help


  • Child protection services

Note that in each community/municipality you can seek help at the social service office and/or at the child protection services. Here is an link to the Government’s Agency for Child Protection for further information. In an emergency call 112 and explain your worries – your call would then be forwarded to a the child protection services in your area.

There are many places where you get help, here is an overview:


  • The Women’s Shelter

A shelter for women and their children when they are unable to stay at home because of violence. The shelter is also for women who have been raped and women who are survivors of human trafficking. The Women’s Shelter is located in Reykjavík but it is open for everyone, regardless of residency or domicile.

Telephone service is open 24/7. Tel.: 561 1205. Women can call and discuss their thoughts and feelings and get support and advice.

Women can book an interview, free of charge, where they come to the shelter and get support and information, without choosing to stay at the shelter. It is necessary to make a call (tel: 561 1205) in advance to book an appointment.

Self help groups are operated at the shelter, where a few women meet on a regular basis under the guidance of a member of staff at the shelter. I is necessary to come for an interview to be eligible to attend the self help groups.

The service at the Women’s Shelter is free of charge.

Kvennaathvarfið/The Women’s Shelter
Telephone – 24/7: 561 1205
e-mail: kvennaathvarf@kvennaathvarf.is


  • The Police

In an emergency call 112. Here is the webpage for the police in Iceland.


  • Stígamót

Stígamót are a education and counselling center for survivors of sexual abuse and violence for both men and women, 18 years and older. Survivors can contact Stígamót regarding all forms of sexual violence bot from childhood and/or in adulthood. Relatives, such as parents, partners and friends can also have support and advice from Stígamót if they choose to do so.

The service at Stígamót is free of charge.

Laugavegi 170
105 Reykjavík
Tel: 562 6868 / 800 6868


  • Emergency service for survivors of sexual violence

The aim of this service is to ensure wellbeing of survivors of rape, attempted rape or other types of sexual violence.

The purpose is to reduce or prevent psychological and physical health damage which might lead from sexual violence.

The individuals who seek assistance at the emergency service shall be shown great consideration and warmth and special care is taken not to show any form of disbelief or skepticism.

The service is free of charge.

Landspítali University Hospital – Fossvogur
Tel: 543 1000


  • Red Cross Helpline
  • Always open – 24/7
  • Toll-free from any number
  • Confidentiality – anonymity – neutrality
  • Available for those in need of assistance

No issue is too big or small for the helpline. The volunteers are professionally trained, well-experienced and of all ages.

You can call 1717 or do an online chat from www.1717.is
When connecting to the chat, you are asked for name and e-mail. Keep in mind that you do not have to provide your right name or e-mail. Complete confidentiality and anonymity is promised.

Tel: 1717
online chat direct link https://svarbox.teljari.is/?c=1137


  • Bjarkarhlíð

Bjarkarhlíð is center for survivors of violence. The aim is to provide support and advice along with education regarding the nature and consequences of violence.

Bjarkarhlíð at Bústaðarvegur
103 Reykjavík
Tel: 553 3000


  • Bjarmahlíð

Bjarmahlíð is a similar center as Bjarkarhlíð but is located in Akureyri, at Aðalstæti 14. The aim is to provide advice and support to survivors of violence.
Aðalstræti 14
600 Akureyri
Tel: 551-2520


  • The Women’s Counseling

The Women’s Counseling offers legal and social work counseling for women. Open Tuesdays from 20-22 and Thursdays from 14-16. The main goal is to offer counseling and support to women, however we assist anyone seeking our services, regardless of their sex. You can either come here or call us during opening hours. The  services are free of charge and those who use our service do not have to give their name or any other personal information.

Túngötu 14 (Hallveigarstöðum)
101 Reykjavík
Tel: 552 1500


  • Heimilisfriður

Is a therapy and-information center on issues related to intimate partner violence. Heimilisfriður is the only specialized therapy center for men and women who abuse their spouses.

The aim is to support the perpetrators and provide them with information and support, as long as they are ready to receive the help. The therapy is either on an individual basis or in groups. Support for the spouses is also provided.

Höfðabakki 9
110 Reykjavík
Tel: 555 3020


  • Drekaslóð

Education- and service center for survivors of all types of violence and their relatives. The center is for men and women, for people who have been bullied, neglected, been subjected to sexual abuse and those who would like to get information on violence.

Borgartún 30, 2nd floor
105 Reykjavík
Tel: 551 5511


  • Municipal Service Centers in Reykjavík

The Department of Welfare runs five municipal service centers in Reykjavík. The centers offer services and advise to individuals and families in all kinds of matters regarding welfare, schools, disabled people, senior citizens, home services etc.

The aim of the Municipal Service Centers is, on the one hand, to provide information and advice about social entitlements and, on the other hand, to provide support in cases of social or personal problems.

The consultants at the service centers provide information about entitlements/services, consultation and support. Consultants may also provide information about other service options, as well as directing people to the resources that are suitable for each case.

Social advisory services include consultation for cases of:

  • Unemployment
  • Illness
  • Housing problems
  • Financial problems
  • Disabilities
  • Senior citizens
  • Immigration issues
  • Issues regarding children and youngsters
  • Family problems
  • Substance abuse
  • Child protection

Municipal Service Centers
Borgartún 12-14
105 Reykjavík
Tel: 411 1111