The Shelter has published leaflets related to domestic violence. Some are still to be translated to english.


For whom is the Womens’s Shelter?

A leaflet in seven languages explaining for whom is the Shelter, overview of the service, life at the shelter and more:



Get involved!

A leaflet aimed to encourage people to intervene/get involved when they suspect or know someone is being abused or subjected to violence.

PDF here (In Icelandic)


Intimate partner violence or dating violence.

This leaflet is aimed for young people. Definitions of violence, and the responsibilities and rights of people in relationships.

PDF here (In Icelandic)


Children and domestic violence.

What are the influence of domestic violence on children? Does it differ by age? What needs to be kept in mind.

PDF here (In Icelandic)


We are here to help.

A card with useful emergency numbers.

PDF here (In Icelandic and English)


Please contact Sigþrúður Guðmundsdóttir, Managing Director at the shelter for further information. or +354 561 3740