Women who have experienced violence or currently live with violence can visit the shelter for an interview where they can get support, advice and/or information, without formally staying at the shelter. In order to get an interview, it is necessary to book an appointment at: 561 1205. The interview is free of charge.

Relatives and family members can also use this service.

The interview is on the woman’s terms, it normally takes about an hour and takes place at the Women’s Shelter. A consultant sits down in the interview room with the woman and takes a brief history of the situation. It depends entirely on the circumstances, which the next steps will be. For an example, the woman can ask for another interview, she can be referred to another service or she can be offered to stay at the shelter.

Women come for an interview for various of reasons. Sometimes they come to get practical information in relation to how to leave their abusive partner, how to get divorced or how to go through a custody case, housing issues and more. Women who are being abused sometimes get immune or insensible to the situation, they have gotten used to the verbal usage and behavior on behalf of the perpetrator and hence, they are not always sure if their case is a case of domestic violence or not. Also, it can sometimes be difficult or uncomfortable to discuss difficulties with relatives or family member. That is why women sometimes come to an interview with a consultant at the Women’s Shelter; to discuss their situation.