The women behind the fundraising “On everyone’s lips” (Á allra vörum) came to the Women’s Shelter on the last days of 2017 and delivered the proceeds which had been collected in the great fundraising event in September 2017.

Those funds and other donations gathered make the difference for the construction of the intermediate housing shelter which the Women’s Shelter is responsible for. The intermediate housing is supposed to provide women and their children temporary housing, when they have been forced to move out of their own homes due to domestic violence.

The amount gathered was 78 million ISK, in addition, donor contributions are valued at about 12 million ISK. Sigþrúður Guðmundsdóttir, Managing Director at the Shelter says that the outcome of this fundraising will become extremely useful for the construction of the intermediate housing. Additionally a large fundrasing such as this on is also important to increase public discussion and awareness regarding domestic violence.