16 16. February, 2020

The cartoon Let’s talk about violence now in six different languages

16. February, 2020|News|

In 2016 the Women’s Shelter premiered a cartoon called “Let’s talk about violence”. The main goal of the cartoon is to deliver messages regarding violence to children, as well as increasing the visibility of children who live in violence, within the community. The message children are supposed to be left with are that domestic violence [...]

14 14. October, 2019

Poster and sticker

14. October, 2019|News|

The Women's Shelter recently received a grant from the Minister of Social Affairs and Children to design and produce educational material in order to draw attention to the work being carried out at the Shelter. It was decided to make a poster and stickers with the message: "The Women's Shelter provides support and information in [...]

15 15. May, 2019

The Oddfellows – A large financial support

15. May, 2019|News|

On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Oddfellows (Stórstúkan) the Women's Shelter was generously funded; thirty two million ISK to fund two apartments, apartments #105 and # 106, in the building which will host the Shelter's transitional home. The gift was followed with beautiful words who describe well the work in which the [...]

1 1. May, 2019

Grant from the Development Fund for Immigration

1. May, 2019|News|

The purpose of the Fund is to promote research and development in the field of immigration with the aim to facilitate the integration of immigrants and Icelandic society. Special attention was also paid for the grants to be awarded to projects aimed for children and young people. The Women's Shelter received a grant from the [...]

15 15. April, 2019

Annual Report 2018

15. April, 2019|News|

The Shelters' annual report for the year 2018 was presented at the association's annual meeting held on Hallveigarstaðir Thursday, April  11th 2019. There were changes in the association's board; Fríða Bragadóttir left the board after ten years of continuous work. Nadia Borisdóttir took Fríða's place and Alda Hrönn Jóhannsdóttir came new on the board of [...]

15 15. April, 2019

The Children’s Shelter – Mapping the Service

15. April, 2019|News|

Grants on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Children were recently assigned to non-governmental organizations. Among the beneficiaries was the Women's Shelter who received one million to the project Children's Shelter - Mapping the Service. The aim of the project is mapping the service children who need to live in the Shelter receive [...]

18 18. June, 2018

Know the Red Flags

18. June, 2018|News|

The campaign Know the Red Flags is the answer from Kvennaathvarfið (Women's Shelter) and the consulting Bjarkarhlíð to an increased demand from young people to receive help and consultations because of violence in relationships. The campaign was funded by Jafnréttissjóður Íslands (The Equality Fund) "The discussion of violence in close relationships is usually directed to [...]

31 31. May, 2018

Conference; The invisibility of abusers and how the system tackles domestic violence

31. May, 2018|News|

What: A conference on the invisibility of abusers and how the system tackles domestic violence When: Wednesday June the 6th, between 13.00-17:00 Where: Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Natura, Nauthólsvegur 52 Lately the survivors of domestic violence have been visible and resources and assistance has improved, however, we do have a long way to go. It sometimes [...]