Note that this is not a test which gives you the result “yes” or “no”. The following statements can on the other hand help you to realize the nature of your relationship.


Can any of the following be applied on you and your partner?


  • Do you dislike your partners’ family, friends and colleagues?
  • Have you figured out how long it takes your partner to go to school/work and back?
  • Would you prefer to pick you partner up straight from school/work?
  • Do you think your partners’ work/school is not important?
  • Do you experience that the children steal attention from you?
  • Do you criticize your partner’s parenting methods?
  • Do you criticize your partner’s choice of clothing and looks?
  • Would you prefer there is just the two of you, and no one else around?
  • Do you try to stop your partner from meeting other people?
  • Do you want to know everything about his or her ex partner?
  • Do you want your partner to get rid of objects related to ex partners or former relationships?
  • Do you accuse your partner to cheat/unfaithful on you?
  • Are you the only one who has full overview on your finances and provide your partner with money?
  • Do you prefer to have an overview on your partner’s phone calls, e-mail, messages, letters, bank accounts and such?
  • Have you belittled your partner in front of others?
  • Have you on purpose damaged/ruined your partners’ objects?
  • Do you think it is unnecessary for your partner to educate him/herself?
  • Have you screamed/shouted at your partner or called him/her names?
  • Have you tried to get your partner to take part in sexual acts he/she does not want to participate in?
  • Have you ever tried to forbid your partner to seek medical attention by him/herself?
  • Have you ever threatened to be violent towards your partner?
  • Have you ever shoved your partner?
  • Have you ever shaken, held down or hit your partner?


Note that on this page authors aimed to have the text as fluent and readable as possible and hence it was not always possible to take particular account of gender or sexual orientation.